September 13, 2013

Colorado Under Water

Today should be a Dear Frannie Friday post, but I am forgoing that as what Colorado has been going through for the past 48 hours continues to sink in.

 When I woke up yesterday to school closures for rain and possible flooding, I shook my head.  Lame, I thought, but also pretty cool to get the day off to cuddle and get some packing done.  We don't have TV so I didn't realize what was happening throughout the state.

 I took off to Sprouts at 10 a.m. to get some milk.  This is a 15 minute drive.  On the drive down, I did see some nearby creeks getting full, almost up to the street.  On the way home though, everything went south.  Literally.  Every major road in Longmont was flooded over--Hover Road, Main Street, Sunset Drive and many, many more.  It took me five hours to get home.

See all the water in this Google map?  Everywhere that has water, even irrigation ditches that don't show on here, were completely flooded over.  This is a map from Sprouts to my house.  5.1 miles.  5 hours.

 Schools were closed today as well.  In addition, the Courts were closed, several towns and cities are evacuated and many, many homes, businesses and roads are under water.

Lace Pencil Skirt-thrifted; Gray Sweatshirt-Kohl's; Snakeskin Studded Heels-Vanity, gifted; Earrings-gifted; Watch-gifted

 A photo from my drive home.  This was 119, east of Main, west of 3rd.

 Same location from my phone taken from the opposite side of the highway.

This is not my photo (image via), but this is what the town of Boulder, where I work and actually not far from where my outfit photos above were taken, looks like right now.

This photo is one of Estes Park, where Patrick and I rode the motorcycle up last weekend for our anniversary. Now it is completely under water.  (Photo via)

 US Highway 34, the road that connects Loveland, where my kids live with their dad, and Estes Park completely collapsed under the flood of the Big Thompson River.  (Photo via)  And here is a video of the drive from Estes Park:

 Aurora, where my sister and oldest niece Anya are stationed at Children's Hospital for consultations for Anya's next surgery, is one of the worst.  My sister said someone caught a 10 lb. carp fish in the street on Pieoria.  (Photo via)

Lyons, where a lot of Kaden's baseball games were, the town just to the northwest of where we are, was evacuated and now is completely submerged under water.  (Photo via)

Please, send Colorado your thoughts.  And if you are in Colorado, I hope you are safe, get safe and stay safe.

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