September 3, 2013

Mission #16, Day 2--Stripes and Floral

Day 2 of Mission Week is one of my favorite looks for this Mission.  It just  . . . worked.

I think that black and white are one of the easiest color combinations to pattern mix with.  And stripes and floral equally are great to mix together.

Last night I had a crazy dream y'all.  Seriously.  This isn't new.  I have batshitcrazy dreams all the time.  And I usually remember them.

I've had dreams where I was in a real life game of Clue (people were being murdered and you had to figure out who did it).  I've had dreams where I was being stabbed from underneath the ground by unicorn horns.  Not to mention the usual lost in dreams, naked in dreams and stuff like that.

But last night, I dreamed of a zombie apocalypse.  And it was crazy, scary shit.  Basically, my mom had moved to California and I went to visit her with Conner and Brielle (I have no idea where Patrick and Kaden were).  And a zombie apocalypse came to be.  And then my brother showed up.  And my mom had to go to the store because we had no food.  And I volunteered to go for her.  And I walked by my brother and told him, with tears in my eyes, to make sure to take care of my kids if I don't come back. 

But here's the messed up part--I woke up.  Stayed up for about 45 minutes.  Went back to sleep and immediately went back into the nightmare.  This time I was on my way to the store in the car now, freakingout, diligently going 16 mph, which apparently is the preferred speed limit when trying to not attract zombies.  And my brother jumps in my car, plasters a permit on my car, turns to me and goes "Let's do this."  And we continue to kick zombie ass throughout the dream.

There are three things to blame for this nightmare: late night coffee, Call of Duty in the background, and crazy midnight thunderstorms.

Dress-Kohl's; Striped Blazer-thrifted; Sandals-Carlos Santa, gifted; Cuff-gifted; Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals; Sunnies-shop in the mall

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