September 12, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Chambray Jumpsuit

 Though it's appearances on the blog have been minimal, I do have a great love for this jumpsuit.  In fact, it is one of those "I need to just throw something on quick" items.  So easy to look put together when the jumpsuit practically does it for you!

 1, 2, Now

 Probably one of the reasons that this jumpsuit doesn't make it on the blog very often is because there really aren't that many ways to remix it.  So far all I've come up with is rotating different cardigans over it.

 So much awkwardness while I was taking these photos.  First of all, I thought I would be free to take my photos out in public since nearby, one of those sword fighting dress up Medieval-like groups were to my left.  How can someone look weird taking their own pictures next to that?  

 Unfortunately for me, however, I was not alone.  Four hippie lurkers were on their way around the very corner I was standing at, when a sign posted at the nearby park stopped one of them in their tracks.

 "Oh nooooooo!" he gasped. "This is awful.  This is bad.  Oh man!"  He dials his cell phone.  Then I hear "Yeah man it's Aaron.  Yeah, dude.  The mosquitoes here have West Nile!"  He continued on with the conversation while the other three travelers stood silent.  I'm not sure if it was because they were soaking in the information, if they were as dumbfounded as I of the reaction of this "news" or if they were just too stoned to notice.  I may never know.

Chambray Jumpsuit-JCPenney; Striped Cardigan-thrifted; Sandals-Marshall's; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Bracelet-souvenir from Four Corners; Earrings-gifted 

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