September 11, 2013


 Boys are so much different than girls, at least in my situation.  When my daughter has friends over or is involved in an activity, you don't hear a peep.

 Usually this is because she and her friends are playing restaurant or coloring or playing with Playdough.  The most you will hear is some light chatter or giggles.

 But not my boys.  Not by a long shot.  Unfortunately, my sons (12 and 8) are not always on good terms.  Usually, Conner is tagging along after Kaden or one of them is just annoying the other one.

 But then there are those amazing nights where . . . they are getting along perfectly.  And for some reason, this is the second night in a row in which the two have just plain old enjoyed each other's company.  It's so great, you have no idea, to see the two of them getting along.

 Unfortunately, the energy and noise level is similar--whether the boys are getting along or fighting.  And that noise level is LOUD and that energy level is HIGH.  Bouncing, jumping, running, laughing, yelling, joking.

 Aw, boys.  This must be one reason why my daughter told me the other day that we need to have five more girls in the house.  This seems a bit extreme, I realize, but she did assure me that we would not need a new car--just a horse trailer to haul all these hypothetical children around.

Tulle Skirt-thrifted; Baseball Tee-Kohl's; Wedges-gifted by Mom; Necklace-Kohl's; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted by Patrick from Qatar

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