September 17, 2013

Mission #17, Day 2--Leather Vest

Day Two of Mission Week and we are exploring different ways to wear leather without the expected biker chick connotation.  On this day, I opted for a leather vest over a pretty little dress.

Still home from work today with the kiddos and as devastating as the flood has been to the entire northern half of the state, I have to say there has definitely been some good aspects to it.  For example . . .

Spending time with my kiddos.  We haven't done much (there really isn't much to do since all the parks are closed), but we have managed to go out to lunch, watch movies and we even ventured out of the house yesterday to bring lunch to some of the National Guard guys.

This time off of work has given me so much time to pack.  Patrick has been back at work this week, but while he was home last week, we got so much done.  I am feeling so much less stressed about moving.  Now everything is right on track!

My natural alarm clock has been set to 6:30 or so every morning for a couple of weeks.  So even though I could be sleeping in, I am not.  That kind of stinks, but it also allows me some time in the morning to get some actual work done remotely before my kids wake up.

This week I am so thankful for my job.  Our office was out of harm's way of the floods and is open through it, but obviously with my kids' schools not being open for another couple of days, I have to stay home with them.  And my job has been so compassionate and easy-going with this.  I am truly blessed.

Red Dress-Old Navy; Leather Vest-Forever 21; Sandals-Target; Watch-gifted; Polka Dot Scarf-vintage; Earrings-gifted

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