August 26, 2013

Mission Monday #16--Mix N Match

Yeah, I know last Mission Monday I said it would be the last one for a while, but that was because I was planning to get my camera cleaned and thought I wouldn't have it for a while.  I decided to wait until after the holidays because Colorado Fashion Week is coming up (buy your tickets here)!  Mark your calendars!

Next week we are going to do something ever so true to my sartorial heart--pattern mixing!  I have so much enthusiasm for this Mission Week because there is little I enjoy more than the joy of two lovely prints coming together as one.

Speaking of two awesome seemingly totally different things coming together--guess what I did this weekend?  I went to a concert with a girlfriend.  Guess who it was?  Snoop Dogg . . . and Dave Matthews Band.  Same concert.  In fact, Snoop was the opening act!

We got the tickets last minute from a friend and we were both looking it up to make sure it was legit.  Really?  Snoop and DMB?  Is this for real?  And why is Snoop the opening act?

Well, after much consideration, I realized that of course Snoop would be the opening act in Colorado.  Why?  Because recreational smoking of Mary Jane is legal in Colorado.  So what better opportunity would there be for Snoop to get paid for putting on a concert wherein he's on stage for 45 minutes and then hops on over to ye ole dispensary and smoke out for the rest of the evening?  Well played Snoop.

Yep.  Colorado.  We might not have beaches, we might not have much in the way of classic tourist attractions--no Disneyland or Sea World--and we may not have a decent mall anywhere north of Denver.  But pot?  Yeah, we got that.

Golden Angel Wings Tee-gifted; Watercolor Skirt-gifted by Lynne; Studded Low Cowboy Boots-Forever 21; Polka Dot Socks-Target; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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