September 2, 2013

Mission #16, Day 1--Camo and Leopard

Starting out Mission Week by mixing two patterns that I don't think are a popular pair, but they seem to work so well together: camo and leopard.

One easy way to baby step into pattern mixing is to chose two prints that are fairly neutral in color.  The olive green in the camo print and the brown and black in the leopard really work well together.

I know that printed pants can scare a lot of people and they are a real statement piece that does well on their own.  But another easy way to ease into pattern mixing is by having your accessories do the pattern mixing for you, as I've done here with the shoes and hat.

I sure hope everyone in the U.S. is having a great Labor Day!  We didn't have any specific plans other than to try to get as much packing/cleaning/repairing done as possible for our big move!

Because I have all three of my kids for this weekend, I wanted to try to find something fun to do with them.  As you read this, we will probably be hanging at a water park somewhere (Colorado hasn't gotten the "it's almost fall" memo yet--we are still scorching over here!).  Buuuuuuut . . . 

What was cool about yesterday was how stoked the kids were to help us pack!  I just assumed they'd be jumping on the tramp or playing with toys or watching Netflix while we packed but they really wanted to help us out!  It was so cute and amazing.

So while Patrick taught Conner how to patch up holes from push pins, nails and doors that were swung open a little too excitedly, Brielle and I bubble wrapped, put stuff in boxes, taped them up and labeled them.  My kids love packing.  Who knew?  They are such freaks.  In the best possible way.

Camo Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Leopard Print Flats-Payless; Leopard Trim Cloche-Target; Leather Sleeved Peplum Blouse-H&M; Heart Cuff-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Mirrored Aviators-Target

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