February 28, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Grey Jumper

 It wasn't long ago that I thrifted this grey jumper.  As we're probably all aware at this point, I have a "thing" for the funky and retro.  When I saw this jumper at the Salvation Army, I knew it was coming home with me, even though it looked like part of a choir girl uniform.

Even though it's only the third appearance on the blog, at only four months old and an original cost of $7, that makes the current price per wear about $2 per month.  Not too shabby. 

Tonight was so cool.  At her request, I took my Mother in Law shopping.  She had to get a nice new dress because she is being honored next Friday  by the MS Society for the Champion Award.  She was even recently in the local newspaper for it!

She is so much fun.  I am so grateful for the amazing woman that I am blessed to have in my life.  And I have to say--MS or not, she wore me out man.  She was such a trooper. 

She's not a shopper and, in fact, she told me that it had been twenty years since she'd been in a dressing room.  But we ended up going to two stores and got the perfect ensemble.  And a few extra goodies. 

Not to worry, I didn't get anything for myself.  But I did buy my MIL's dress for her.  Because she deserved it.  And I did actually get something for myself.  And that was a great time laughing and bonding with my Mother in Law.  God she's such a good time.  

 Grey Jumper-All That Jazz, thrifted; Shear Plaid Blouse-Forever 21; Black Turtleneck-Style & Co., thrifted; Black Tights-Target; Tweed Flats-Target; Earrings-gifted and DIY

PS-February's over.  Thank God.

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