February 14, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Faux Fur Vest

Well let's get the obnoxious holiday niceties out of the way--Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate.  I have never been much for the holiday.  Probably because I've gotten more pink stuffed animals with fuzzy hearts on them for my birthday more times than I can count.  But I digress.

Something I am excited about, however, is gushing over my faux fur vest.  I bought it shopping with my sister in law just back in November.  It was at Marshall's for $20.  Current price per wear?  $4.  Bazinga.

Top-1, 2
Bottom-1, 2 

As an added impromptu feature to this, well, feature, here are some ways to get your hands on a versatile little faux fur vest of your own:  

Sears ($20.99); Nordstrom ($40.20)
Dillard's ($24.50); DrJays ($16.99)

I also just want to say a quick thank you so much for the support I've received on my last post.  It's good to be ok with being human now and again.

These photos are actually a week or so old.  You can tell because here I am dressed very warm and comfy and this appears to be a gorgeous sunny weather goin' on here.  And today in Colorado--it was a damn near blizzard and I was dressed in far less weather appropriate garb.

I am in complete shock that tomorrow is Friday (I know right???  Time.  It's weird.).  I feel like this week flew by which is always fiiiiiiine by me.

Plus, I got all three kiddos this weekend.  And we've got plans.  Fun plans like making our own pizzas and Brielle is having a friend stay over and hanging out.  Can I get an ooooooooh yeeeeeeeah?

Fur Vest-Marshall's; Grey Turtleneck-Faded Glory; Camel Skinnies-Jordache; Shearling Lined Lace Up Booties-Mossimo; Bag-Coach, vintage and gifted

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