February 6, 2013

Mission #1, Day 3 and a Birthday Girl

Mission Week continues and today is extra special because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!  *starts dancing and singing 50 Cent song (the Beyonce remix, course) in my head . . . and out loud*

I had two lovely ladies inspiring my style today, Natalie Cole and Zsa Zsa Gabor.  This called for ladylike glamor.  And nothing says ladylike like a red and white polka dot midi length dress and classic blazer.

To go the extra "inspired by" mile, here's a snapshot of my Stylebook app.  I chose today's outfit based on one done by the lovely Kim of eat.sleep.wear. (who is probably enjoying the ever loving out of NYFW right now).

Here's something that you should know about me: birthdays are a big deal to me.  I love them.  They are the perfect excuse for absolutely anything.

On your birthday, you feel empowered.  Late to work?  No problem, it's your birthday!  Pulled over?  No sweat, they'll let you off.  It's your birthday!  Been itching to buy those cute camo skinnies that 'erbody is wearing, but you've been afraid to pull the trigger?  Do it!  It's your birthday!

But they can also make you feel entitled.  I shouldn't have to do the dishes, it's my biiiiiiirthdaaaaaay.  I don't want to work today.  It's my biiiiiiirthdaaaaaay.  I can't take out the trash on my birthdaaaaaaay!

Trust me when I tell you that I can be downright juvenile on my birthday.  And I don't think I'm the only one.  But I will fully admit it.  Not that it stops me from doing what needs to be done--working, laundry, dishes, etc.--but it is with a little more whine than usual.

Today started out not going my way.  Just little things, nothing major.  But I was all whiny, like a child.  I mean, it's not like a milestone birthday or anything.  And I'm 31 today (well, technically not until 10:01 tonight--yes mom I remember).  Grow the hell up Robin.

But it's amazing that even at 31 you can still be learning.  And birthdays are great and they should be celebrated.  But they are a whole day.  Don't give up halfway through.  By the end of my day, I had flowers delivered by Pat's mom and stepdad, adorable IMs from Patrick, hundreds of Facebook shout-outs, text messages and phone calls and a card in the mail from my Grandpa.  And currently Patrick is running the kids around so I can enjoy just sitting on my 31 year old ass.  And then we are going out to dinner.  Aw.  Birthdays are great.

Red Polka Dot Dress-Casual Corner, thrifed; Mint Tweed Blazer-Robbie Bee, thrifed; Lace Tank-Ellen Ashley, thrifted; Suede Wedges-Target; Pearl Necklaces-gifted from Patrick and Kohl's; Earrings-Kohl's

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