February 21, 2013

Mission #2, Day 4

We're almost done with this installment of Mission Week with blazers.  For today, I wore one of my faves.  I thrifted this white Ann Taylor blazer a couple of years back and I've worn it so, so, so many times.  It is the perfect amount of chic and a step away from basic black.

For those of you who have been hatin' on the spring like weather that Colorado has had the pleasure of experiencing the past few weeks, hate no more.  As you can see, today we got our snow.

I couldn't really complain though.  After all, the weather has been exceptionally nice lately.  And the snow was a spring one--nice and wet and heavy rather than icy.  It wasn't even that cold out!

And this weekend is supposed to be in the 50's.  That's the thing about Colorado--you never know what the weather will bring.  But after reading about blizzards and rainstorms elsewhere, I've gained a greater appreciation for the weather in this little square state.

After tending to my poor little sickyface yesterday, I am happy to report that after much rest, fluids, a warm bath and a healthy soup diet, Conner is up to par.  So I went back to work today.  And thought it was Friday all day.  It wasn't.  Obvi.  Dammit.

Tomorrow is the link up party.  If you've worn a blazer this week and want to participate, be sure to add the link to your post tomorrow.  All are welcome!

Floral Skinny Jeans-Target; Sequined Tank-Old Navy; White Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Boots-Sketchers; Gold Cuff-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sequined Beanie-vintage and gifted

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