February 3, 2013

Well That Was Fun

I wish I could've shown you how sparkly fun and metallic this silver cardigan was in the sun, but the sun decided it wasn't comin' out today, so just picture it will ya?

Yesterday was a super lazy day for Patrick and I.  Every so often (raaaaarely), we decide to spend a weekend day just sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

The dishes piled up, the trash needed taking out, the laundry sat all wrinkled in the dryer.  And we didn't touch it.  Like at all.

But being as how we hardly ever get the opportunity to not have to rush from place to place and not have random jobs and chores and errands to do, I don't feel that bad for taking a day off here and there.

Plus, I had to rest up for the upcoming first ever Mission Week!  Are you participating?  I've learned how to make my own button (that was a beast), I'm all set up with inlinkz for the link up and I have my outfits planned out.   I guess I was more productive yesterday than I originally thought . . .

Mint Skinnies-Kohl's; Tee-gifted; Metallic Silver Cardigan-Target; Low Rise Booties-Old Navy; Beanie-old; Spiked Belt-thrifted; Mint Striped Socks-Target; Earrings-gifted; Aquarius Necklace-unknown

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