February 4, 2013

Mission #1, Day 1

Welcome welcome to the first day of the first Mission. This week we are talking about inspiration.  Because it is my birthday week, I will be doing the same challenge for myself as I did last year by getting my style inspiration from other people who share my birthday.

Today's inspiration de jour are Ronald Reagan and Tom Brokaw.  Now obviously, I'm not male.  And I don't own a suit (well a legitimate "this came together for the purposes of being a suit" suit), so I had to go a different route with my inspiration.

Adding a blazer was a given, obvi.  And since these guys are a former president and a television journalist and news anchor, I wanted to keep the look professional and grounded.

To keep it from being too stuffy and more "me", I added a colorful blazer, some funky tights and really feminine boots.

I really wish I wouldn't have posted yesterday until after my afternoon with my sister.  We went down to Denver to visit my brother again and she showed up wearing a very similar outfit!  Colored denims, black boots and black and white tops!

Fitting, actually, since we were headed to see my Grandma's grave on the way.  She always used to dress us alike.  We're only 13 months apart in age, so we got dressed like twins.  My Grandma made our clothes, so we always got matching ones--one blue and one red and so on.

I don't normally fish for compliments, but seriously how cute are we?  I had so much fun (and adventure!) with my sister.  I am so lucky to have one and, in specific, her as my sister.

Orange Tweed Blazer-J. Crew, thrifted; Grey Dress-Carole Little, thrifted; Suede Ruffle Boots-Kohl's; Striped Tights-gifted; Pearl Earrings-gifted
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