February 20, 2013

Mission #2, Day 3

Can you tell how sleep deprived I am in these photos?  I am at home with a very sick little boy.  From the time that Conner, my seven year old, woke me up at 3:30 a.m. to now, he has been vomiting/resting/grumbling/repeat.

Thus causing me to be nauseous/tired/grumbling/repeat.  Poor little guy!  By the time Conner was comfortable and not vomiting and I went to bed, Patrick's alarm would go off.  And he would hit snooze.  And it would go off again.  And he would hit snooze.  And then my two alarms started going off.  And I would hit snooze.

I was so tired that i did sleep, but I had some pretty funky dreams between snoozes.  They all started out the same--me waking up to get ready for work--but would end up ridiculous.  This included, but was not limited to--old friends stopping by to use the restroom, Patrick becoming a hoarder of things left on the side of the road, Kaden parking my car sideways in the garage, a UFO shaped like a game controller crashing into my house and turning into a robot that indicated that the end of the world was today and starring in an after school special when dropping my kids off at school about water conservation and politics.

Weird dreams are not foreign to me--I have them all the time (once I was lost in Mexico in a hotel where a real life game of Clue was ensuing and I ran away only to be running through a field where unicorns were coming up through the ground and stabbing me).  But this was so freaking weird.

So sick kid.  No sleep.  Weak stomach.  No work (obvi.).  And a dedication to Mission Week with this nautical blazer that was given to me three years ago, but I have yet to wear.  That pretty much sums up my morning.

On the bright side, it is my parents' birthdays today.  Yep, my mom and my dad have the same birthday.  I haven't seen or talked to my dad since my wedding.  Nonetheless, I do want to acknowledge that I wish my mom (aka one of the best mothers in the world) a very, very happy birthday today!

And now, a nap.

Nautical Blazer-LRT, gifted; Gingham Button Up Blouse-Forever 21; Gold Metallic Sweater-Bentley, thrifted; Red Polka Dot Skinny Jeans-Old Navy; Red Peep Toe Pumps-Worthington, gifted; Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals

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