February 10, 2013

Goodwill Show and Swap

A few days ago, I attended the Good Exchange for Change Show and Swap put on by Goodwill and Fashion Denver.

I had bought V.I.P. tickets with the VIP events starting at 5.  I was glad that I got there early.  The line ended up going around the block!

This woman in the blue on the far left was the sweetest lady.  We became fast lady friends standing in line together forever.  I love that everyone had their bags and bags of Goodwill goodies for the swap!

Once inside, there were cocktails and food and, of course, a photoshoot with the guests of honor: Project Runway's Mondo Guerra, Peach Carr, Michael Costello and Fallene Wells.

I got an autographed photo of Mondo and a drink ticket (which I gave away with much difficulty later.  I mean, I know I'm not really a drinker, but who turns down a free drink ticket?).

My friend from the line earlier (the woman in blue), asked to take my photo for me standing in line to meet the guests of honor.  It was really sweet.  And made for a very awkward photo of me. I was pretty excited, though, when I got my photo taken.  Mondo seemed to be plowing through the photos, as I'm sure they were all pretty "over it" shortly after it started.  Then, he pulled me back and started talking to me about my outfit and telling me he loved it.  I was all giddy about it.  I'm a nerd.

Most of my time prior to the show was spent walking around taking photos of cool outfits that I saw.  I loved the way that this woman paired the delicate feminine dress with the casual denim and edgy tights.

These two definitely had a style all their own.  I loved it!  I could not get enough of his moon boots!

This picture is really crappy but I had to get a photo in of this young lad.  He was so super stylish and couldn't have been a day over 14.  He looked like a mini Mondo!

I loved this woman's tights.  She did not love getting her photo taken.  But come on!  She looked great!

I liked this girl's vintage style.  She was one that turned down my drink ticket (while in line at the bar, but whatever).  I still liked her style, though.  She reminded me of Megan.

There were two hosts for the evening.  One was Lisa Hidalgo from Channel 7 weather . . .

The other was Denise Plante from KOSI  101.1.

The first order of business was for Mondo, Peaches, Michael to judge a contest wherein some design school students were given $25 to spend at Goodwill on materials to make an LBD--Little Blue Dress.  The other judge is the winner from last year.  Here are some of the LBDs on the runway--

This dress was really one of my favorites.  I loved all of the scallops on the skirt.  When the skirt moved, there was a hint of red under the scallops and the dress seemed to have such fun movement and color.

This is a crappy photo, but I loved the back of this dress.

And then the judges announced the winner.  And the winner was . . .

This pretty Little Blue Dress with great flower details.  It is perfectly springy indeed!

Next, Fallene held a runway show wherein she chose all of the items from Deja Blue, an upscale Goodwill store in Cherry Creek.  I never even knew this store existed and now I must check it out post haste!

Before we get on with her amazing outfits (I was so proud that all of these were thrifted!), can we talk about how adorable she looks?  I looooove those high waisted wide leg trousers!

Isn't that great?  Doesn't it make you proud to be a thrifter?  

Remember this girl?  You may remember some of her work from the Red Ball a couple of months back.  She had some of her work down the runway as well.

And then it was time for the clothing swap.  Here is what it looked like waiting outside for the event to start.  I've never been to a Black Friday, but I imagine it is like this.  There was a crowd of people in front of me, a crowd of people behind me and even more in the venue waiting to come out.

Ish was crazy yo!  It was my first clothing swap ever.  There were hangers  and hands flying, clothes hanging by one sleeve and shamefully fallen to the floor.  There were people 'erywhere.

But it was amazing and I got hoooooked uuuuuup.  I can't wait to show you my goodies.  Totally worth it.  Psyched for next year!

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