February 7, 2013

Mission #1, Day 4


Mission Week goes on and today's inspiration is two fold yet again.  We start by being inspired by Axl Rose.  Old school rock star.  My favorite kind.

I got inspiration for this outfit from one that I Pinned ages ago from Emilie at My Little Fashion Diary.  I swapped the denim button down for a denim vest.  I tried the button down, but on me with a longer skirt, the vest seemed to be more proportionate.

Tonight I attended a really great clothing swap and fashion show presented by Goodwill.  I was super psyched about it and it was a lot of fun.  But we're gonna talk about that another day because today there's something else I want to talk to you about.

This is my daughter, Brielle.  She's five.  This is what she wore to go out for my birthday dinner last night.  If there was ever any doubt as to whether she is my daughter or not, it was cleared up last night.

The girl could not find her shoes last night to go out to dinner.  Here's how the conversation went from there:

Me: "Brielle, don't you have other pairs in your room?"  She goes into her room and indeed finds some black Ugg boots, some white tennies and those red sparkly flats.

She grabs the flats.  "Well if I wear these I will have to take my socks off," she contemplated.  "Well, take your socks off then," I tell her.  "Or leave them on or whatever, but let's go eat."

So she puts the flats on and grabs the white tennies.  "Well where am I going to put these?" she asks.  "Leave them there so you know where they are next time," I say.  "I want to bring them to change into," she explains.  "Brielle, we're going to dinner, not out for the weekend, just wear the red ones and take them off when we get to the restaurant if you want and just put them on when we leave.  Why?  Do they hurt your feet?"

She looks down at the shoes for a minute.  Sighs and tells me "Yeah . . . but they're pretty."

Tulle Skirt-eBay; Grey Tights-unknown; Low Black Booties-Old Navy; Beatles Tee-Wal-Mart; Denim Vest-Christopher & Banks, thrifted and DIY; Bracelets-gifted and vintage from Grandma; Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals; Beanie-gifted and thrifted

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