November 23, 2012

The Best Kind of Sunday


I don't know about y'all, but my Thanksgiving was very bittersweet.  It was amazing to hang out with family, of course, and very sweet to wear a matching outfit with my daughter . . .

But it was a bit bitter that Patrick was not here.  He had Frosted Flakes for Thanksgiving and by the time I got to talk to him, Thanksgiving was all but over.

I certainly found a lot to be thankful for this year, that's for sure.  I married the love of my life, my kids are thriving and keeping me smiling, my job is great and I am appreciated very much and the family I have, both biological and married into, are my rock.

Today was the best kind of Sunday because . . . it's Friday . . . but it feels like a Sunday . . . and we still have a whole weekend ahead of us.  Boo-ya!

We went down to my mom's two hours away.  We spent the night last night, drove back today, then I drove the younger kids to their dad's half an hour a way, stopped by my MIL's to get her dog and back home.

I was home about twenty minutes before Kaden decided he was going to stay the night at a friend's house and back in the car I went.

So needless to say, the veg sesh on my couch watching Boyz In The Hood with my broseph, catching up on blogging and totally blanking out is a great way to spend a not-Sunday night.

And this outfit was absolutely perfect for driving and running around today.  Comfy flat boots, a loose blouse and skinny cargoes.

My mom gave me this watch that was my Grandmother's.  I love it because when it slips down my wrist and gets stuck on there (does this happen to you all too?), it makes an XOXOXOX pattern  :-)

Between dropping kids off and picking dogs up, I stopped at the Loveland library, a place I've always wanted to take my photos at, but am never in the area at the right time.

Isn't it cute?  Pretty walkways, that gorgeous fountain and there are amazing statues everywhere.

So last post I complained about Black Friday and how evil it is, but I would like to reiterate that I do very much support Small Business Saturday.

So if you survived Black Friday and/or decided not to venture out, make sure that if you do any shopping tomorrow, make sure to check out some small businesses.  For example, many of the bloggers on my blogroll own etsy shops or sell vintage clothing online, so be sure to check them out for inspiration.

 Skinny Cargoes-Candie's; Chambray Button Up-Lee; Boots-Charlotte Russe; Fur Vest-Marshall's; Monogram Necklace-Target; Watch-vintage from Grandma

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