February 2, 2012

Snow Day!!!!

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I know right?  You see the title of this post and then look at these pictures and think to yourself--say whaaaaaaaaaaat?  This girl is cuh-razy.  

But, it's all too true.  These pictures were taken about four hours before a massive, like unmistakeably massive, snowstorm swept, nay swiffered (catch that Dane Cook fans?) our dear square state.  

We even made the top story on Yahoo today.  See:

My sons' school already called to let us know that school is canceled tomorrow.  I would assume that the Courts are closed tomorrow.  This may mean that I actually get the day off to do absolutely nothing!  Rejoice!

Lately I have been running around so much between being busy at work and pegged after work with appointments that I have actually been wishing for a bed-ridden illness that leaves me incapable of anything but laying around in bed.  This may be the next best thing . . .

Now I'm no fan of the snow.  Believe you me, I am as ready to move on to spring, sunny weather, floral blooms and chirping birds as the next gal, but if the snow is going to actually bless me with a stay at home day, we might be able to be friends after all. 

The only bummer about the snow is that it may hinder Pat and I's weekend plans just a smidge.  We are supposed to leave for Black Hawk (aka Colorado's mini-Vegas) tomorrow night. 

But for a day off of work with my kids and my honey just hanging out?  I think I can wait until Saturday.  ;-)

By the way, this is my vest over jacket look for Megan and Keely's layering Fashion Challenge

Shift Dress-Alfani; Military Vest-Old Navy; Military Jacket-Miley Cyrus; Gray Sweater Tights-Kohl's; Gray Suede Ruffle Detail Knee High Boots-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted; Necklace-Wal-Mart

And I meant to post this yesterday, but here are my recap of looks from January 2012.  To see the rest, click here.

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