February 11, 2012

Lock Down

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How fun is this lock patterned top?  I got it when I was thrifting on my birthday.  I love it and my J. Crew cardigan and cords--also from my birthday thrifting trip.     

Patrick has drill this weekend, but we were able to meet up at the 16th Street Mall where we met our wedding photographer.  One more important to-do knocked off our list!

Kaden is staying at a friend's house tonight.  So Patrick and I are enjoying some quiet time with Chinese food.  We never get to eat Chinese food--my kids won't touch it.  Peace, quiet and Chinese food.  Now that's a Saturday night.

Oh, and I did something monumental while I was downtown.  I finally made my first H & M trip.  It was two stories of everything I had anticipated it would be.  I went with Patrick so I could be good and not actually actually buy anything.  And even though I did find the mint colored jeans that I have been lusting over, I did not buy them.  I was good.   

So remember how I told you that Patrick came straight from the Air Force Base to meet the photographer and I downtown?  Well, we walked from there to H & M with him in uniform.  And the coolest thing happened. 

I'm used to seeing Patrick in his uniform, but I am not used to going out with him in it.  Technically, he is not supposed to wear it out except for quick trips, which I promised our trip to H & M would be.  

So, we're walking through H & M and this family walks over to us.  It is a mom, dad and two young girls (probably about 8 or 9).  The man holds out his hand and shakes Patrick's.  He thanks him for his service and tells his daughter, "you see that?  That's a hero!"  It was really touching.  

Then, we get on the shuttle to go back to where our cars are parked.  An out of town couple was on the bus.  Given their amazement at the amount of dispensaries and Starbucks we have "'round here" coupled with their southern accents, I can only assume they are from out of town.  The man also shakes Patrick's hand and thanks him for his service, not once but twice. 

How cool is that?  I was so proud of him all over again.  I take for granted what he does and has done with his service of twelve years def more than I should.  Even though I came back empty handed from H & M, I left with a full heart.  

Thank you so much to all who have already voted for me. I so much appreciate it! You can vote as many times as you want (but once a day) until February 28th. It means a lot to me!

Brown Leather Moto Jacket-Target; Yellow Cardigan with Ribbon Detail-J. Crew, thrifted; Lock Patterned Top-Fun 2 Fun, thrifted; Wine Colored Cords-J. Crew, thrifted; Boots-Sketchers; Earrings-Kohl's 

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