February 21, 2012


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Tonight was proof that with a little organization, planning ahead and dedication, you can really get a lot accomplished. 

I knew right away with this wedding that a lot of stuff I was going to do myself.  So, when we started talking about Save the Dates (or "STDs" as called in wedding planning--kind of strange), we started brainstorming what we would do. 

I had seen all kinds of wood burned signage on Etsy looking for ideas.  I YouTubed how to do it, hopped on over to Hobby Lobby and picked me up a wood burning tool and some paint and went to work on my own wood burning crafts.  I made four signs: Save, The, Date and September 8, 2012.

Then, we decided to take our own pictures for the Save the Dates.  From this discussion came where and when and how.  We concluded that it would be perfect to take our pictures inside the venue of our wedding.  The great thing about having a local, historic site as your venue is that it is very hospitable.  And available. 

So I contacted the venue and set up an appointment for us to be able to use the venue, at our disposal, for no charge and however much time we needed to take the pictures.  All we had to "put up with" was a sewing group having their weekly meetings upstairs.   

We took almost 80 pictures in total.  A lot of outtakes, but all totally fun.  Some goofy, some serious.  Some inside, some outside.  In my opinion, they were absolutely perfect.  And so were my children. 

Then I came home and put my new giveaway prize, My Memories, an electronic scrapbooking program, to work.  I won it last month from Wynne at Fashion Geek's Closet and it is so fantastic and easy to use.   

Then, we took our creation to the interwebs and ordered some magnets from my design.  I am by no means a professional, but damn, I think it's pretty legit:

For someone that doesn't D.I.Y., I have to say, I was pretty impressed.  And, notice the attire.  Oh yeah.  Low key and lots of fun.  That's what we're all about. 

Fur Trimmed Cardigan-Target; Turquoise Shear Top-Elle for Kohl's; Floral Skirt-Gap, thrifted; Green Tights-unknown and old; Shearling Lined Lace Up Boots-Target; Gold Earrings-Kohl's

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