February 25, 2012

For Old Times Sake


Last night in a moment of menstruation, I decided that I needed a chocolate shake.  Ten o'clock at night be damned, I was getting a milkshake.

Let me first tell you about a little routine that us Northern Colorado kids used to have on Friday and Saturday nights.  We would go cruising.  This was either done up in Fort Collins on College Avenue or down in Longmont on Main Street.  For some reason, I always hated Fort Collins, so me and my girls would go down to Main Street in Longmont (we lived in Loveland at the time).

What would cruising entail?  Nothing more than driving the sweetest available car up and down the street, blaring your music and meeting people.  We would always take my Toyota Celica equipped with two twelve inch subwoofers blasting the holy hell out of Rockafeller Skank, Back to the Hotel and Scrubs. 

The two girls that I used to cruise with were Bekey and Amanda.  We were infamous down in Longmont as the "Ow Ow girls".  Why?  Because we decided to make the night interesting and whistle, hoot and holler at good looking cars (or boys in cars) down the street like construction workers.  Our catch phrase was "ow ow!"

Aw youth.  Well, these days, you can no longer cruise down Main Street.  There are even signs and bored policemen everywhere to ensure that this no longer happened.  I think there was talk of too much traffic or drugs or criminal activity or some other nonsense. 

So, back to the milkshake.  I'm sitting there in McD's drive through last night (on Main Street) when a familiar song comes on.  One that really takes me back to carefree youth and cruising.  That song was none other than Big Poppa by Biggie Smalls (<-------my favorite rapper of all time).

What started as a slight head bob quickly transformed into my own karaoke rapping session right there in my old Saturn.  As I got my milkshake, I restarted the song and cranked that shit like it was 1998 all over again.  Cops and signs be damned, I blared Big Poppa until my car shook.  

And, for the sake of bored ass teenagers everywhere, I took the long way back home, bumpin' Biggie up and down Main Street for an impromptu mental trip down memory lane. 

Although I kept the ow-owing to myself this time, I am fairly certain that wherever Bekey and Amanda are now, they could feel the music and started head bobbing in agreement.  Last night, I single handedly took back Main Street cruising.  For approximately four minutes.  And it was glorious.

White Ovesized Button Down-Wal-Mart; Khaki Mini-Esprit, thrifted; Mustard Tights-Xhiliration for Target; Shearling Lined Lace Up Boots-Mossimo; Red Cloche Hat-Target; Earrings-gifted

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