February 24, 2012

Making Due


I psuedo found a solution for my camera.  I remembered that I had an old Olympus Stylus 540 point and shoot (and pink!!!).  It is a nice little camera.  As you can see, the pictures come out pretty good. But, for self-portrait blogging--it was not optimal.  The self timer would not stay on and it took a lot of time to get just a few shots.

I was trying to stay optimistic about the status of my camera.  Thank you, by the way, for all of your well wishes.  I felt like I had a family member in surgery waiting for the phone call from the camera fix it guy.  Unfortunately, when I did get the call, I got the news that I was dreading.  Needless to say, I picked my dear old camera up a few hours later in a sad little ziploc camera body bag.  Rest in peace, dear Canon. 

But the good news is that they had another camera nearly identical to mine, but newer, within my price range, so I scooped that bad boy up in a New York minute.  I can't wait to play with it!

Also good news on another non-camera front.  Today I picked up from the post office a package.  Guess what it was?  My wedding shoes!  And they are perfect and despite my fear that ordering shoes online for my abnormally wide feet would end in defeat and despair, they fit me perfectly!  And they came all the way from China.  

Today's outfit was a new spin on how I usually wear this pretty little springy dress.  Usually I stick to very feminine accessorizing and heels.  This time I tried my hand at winterizing and toughening up this pretty little thing.  It turned out pretty well--even Peggy loved my outfit today!  And when she likes my outfit, it makes me happy.  Apparently, this is my new Friday uniform--pretty dress + these combat boots.

And much like everyone else in their right minds, I am uber amped that today is FRIDAY!!!  And, for once, I have NO plans this weekend.  Nada.  And it's supposed to be quite lovely--sunny and 40's.  To a Coloradoan, this clearly means it is almost time to break out the shorts and tanning lotion.  I'll take it. 

Floral Strapless Sundress with Crinoline-"gifted" by sister; Denim Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Knit Knee Socks-Ross; Combat Boots-L.E.I.; Yellow Hoops-gifted

There are only four days left of voting!  Thank you so much for all your support!

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