February 10, 2012

The Great Bam-bin-ooooo BDay Week Inspiration No. 5

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The final fabulous February 6 birthday club member is none other than The Sultan of Swat, The Collasous of Clout, The Titan of Terror . . . The Great Bambino, Babe Ruth

How cool is it to share my birthday with so many legends?  This week has been so much fun for me to play around with so many various looks honoring so many talented people.  

I have to say, looking through my closet for sporty pieces was a challenge.  Something that was sporty and office appropriate was even harder.  Something that was sporty and professional and winter appropriate?  Forget it. 

But, I did channel the Yankee's uniform by wearing my pinstripe trousers (setting me back a whole dollar via thrifting thankyouverymuch).  And the bright yellow top for a touch of summer sun (a la the season of baseball).  And a hat.  Granted, this is no baseball cap, but it is a hat nonetheless. 

And I tried, tried, to take my pictures at a baseball field.  Unfortunately, the only one that I know of in Boulder was under construction.  Being the rebellious Aquarian that I am, I decided to venture forth at any rate and start snapping away right in front of the construction workers. 

This did not prove to be effective.  For one, in the picture below, I had just buried my whole right foot in snow by stepping in a construction hole that was hidden under a blanket of snow.  

Then, I hear the hefty voice of one of the workers.  "Ma'am?" *me ignoring him completely* "MA'AM!!!"  *I turn toward him* "You can't be here.  This park is closed to the public."  *me in my girliest, eyelash fluttering demeanor* "You mean I can't even stand just right here?" *man's face getting red* "Lady, we have heavy construction vehicles in and out of the premises all the time" *me looking around at several heavy machines, all unattended, and then at the work crew piling into a truck for what I would conclude to be a lunch break* *man maintaining irritated voice and stance* "You're going to have to leave or I will call the police for trespassing" *:-O* "Oh, okay . . ."

Defeated.  Major.  Not to worry, I found a bench by a nearby basketball court to finish my date with the tripod.  I figure even though it was a different sport, it was still sporty.

So, that is the story of how I almost got arrested for taking my blog photos.  If my dedication to this blog is not clear at this point, then I really need to reevaluate. 

I would like to do a little shameless self promotion again at this point and ask again for anyone interested to please vote for me for the Top 25 Fashion and Beauty Moms via Circle of Moms by clicking below:

Please and thank you?   

Yellow Shear Polka Dot Cutout Sleeved Crop Top-Target; White Tank; Periwinkle Pinstripe Trousers-The Limited, thrifted; Studded Wedges-Mudd; Brown Felt Hat with Bow-Target; White Belt-unknown; Animal Print Bangle-Kohl's; Yellow Earrings-gifted; Robin's Egg Blue Leather Jacket-Helium, thrifted; Silver Satchel Bag-Kohl's

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