February 12, 2012

Sherling? Sure Thnig

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This Sunday was just perfect as can be.  As I mentioned yesterday, Kaden had spent the night at a friend's house and Patrick has drill this weekend.  So I woke up with a few hours all alone. 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my kids and Patrick without a doubt.  Buuuuut . . . I also quite relish in my "me" time.  

I have my own Sunday morning rituals for such occasions.  None of which include chores or mom/fiance stuff.  It does include flipping through magazines in bed and drinking a big ole cup of joe in my jammies. 

I decided to take some other new thrifted goodies out for a spin today as well.  I have my leather leggings and I do love them so, but I think they are def going to take a back seat to these buttery Lip Service leather pants I thrifted on my bday. They fit perfectly--not to tight, not too baggy.  Just perfect!

Also, these boots are fannnnnnntastic.  I am a sucker for shearling and these lined babies are adorable and comfy warm.  Plus, they have laces!!!!  Love them!

I have a chambray button up already and I wear it all the time.  But I have had my eye on a darker shade, so when I spotted this short sleeved one at the thrift store, I knew it would be coming home with me.  I think that the looser fit also leaves many opportunities for layering and style cheating (aka I'm not in the mood to be restricted by style today).

And a cheating style was just what I needed today.  It was frigid cold.  I had a few mundane chores to do, but nothing major.  It's been a pretty laid back day.  And with all that I got done yesterday, I felt ok with that. 

Thank you to everyone who has already voted for me in the Circle of Moms Fashion and Beauty Top 25 Moms!  If you have not voted yet, and you would like to, feel free to do so here:

Chambray Button Up-Style & Co., thrifted; Leather Pants-Lip Service, thrifted; Shearling Lined Lace Up Boots-Mossimo; Watch-"Rolex"; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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