February 15, 2012


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Ok lovers.  Today, you get two-ish outfits.  Above, in the knit cape, was what I was planning on wearing today.  Below, in the leather moto jacket is what I ended up wearing today. 

You see, when I first planned knit cape outfit, it seemed very ladylike, but fun (with the leather and knit gloves).  Upon putting on said outfit, though, it seemed a little . . . Meg circa 1994 Little Women.   

Which is cool because in all honesty, Little Women is the first recreational book I ever read and it is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Buuuuuuut . . .  that doesn't mean I want to dress like a peasant girl from the 1800's.

Nonetheless, I brought the cape to work with me to photograph both looks to give you the gist of my sartorial mindset today.  And, I am glad that I did because in the pictures, it doesn't look half as dated as it did in my head.  But, still not quite comfortable.  Like, I won't wear it this way again.  

Also, in a perfect not-having-to-work world, I would have not worn a tank under the lace top to give the motherly skirt a little edge.  But, hey, it's all about experimentation. 

As you can see, though my outfit might not have been a style smash hit, it was indeed a weather appropriate one.  My wool skirt is absolutely heaven in the cold weather--one because you can pile layers of tights and leggings underneath without any notice and two, because it in and of itself is made of the steel of fabric, wool.

Here's the thing.  I know that we all whine about "it's too hot!  I want to layer!  Give me fall!  I want to wear my sweaters and tights and boots and hats and gloves!" and then when it gets to be winter, we start with "it's too cold!  I want to bare my legs!  Where are my sandals?"  I know I am, anyway. 

But, in all seriousness, I am done with winter.  I have never been a fan myself for so many reasons, many of which I am sure you can relate.  Winter is, of course, miserably cold where I live.  And it snows.  And with snow comes inconvenience of every kind.  Traffic, accidents, everything moves slower in the snow, closings, cancellations.  On top of that, the snow is wet and cold and mushy and slick and just plain ugly.  

Not only is the snow and cold a pain in the ass, but everything is just so . . . blah and blech (yep, both of those expressions).  The sky is gray with a sheet of consta-cloud, the grass is brown, the trees are bare and flowers and plant life are long dead.  

But there is something very serene and peaceful about this tranquil season.  Something still.  No one is really out and about, so most of my frequent photo spots are pretty desolate.

 And for that I am thankful. 

Wool Plaid Midi Skirt-thrifted; Lace Tank-Ellen Ashley, thrifted; Black Tank-New York & Co., gifted; Knitted Cape-Ross; Leather Moto Jacket-Mossimo; Fur Trimmed Suede Boots-gifted; Leather and Knit Gloves-Target

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