February 8, 2012

One Love BDay Week Inspiration No. 3

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Today is a special birthday inspiration day.  I happen to share my birthday with THE COOLEST guy in the universe: Mr. Bob Marley.  This man was an inspiration in so many ways and his music is phenomenal.   

I wanted to find an MMJ Dispensary to take my pictures by today (seriously, if you live in a state that legalizes medical marijuana you can probably testify that these things are everywhere, they are like Starbucks), because, you know, it would be pretty fitting, but once I saw this brightly colored wall of a community building, I knew it would do just fine.  

Even more fitting was that while I was setting up the ole 'pod, a man came out of the building to his car.   Nay, rewind, a man with the longest silver beard and hair I have ever seen came out of the building wearing spandex shorts, a t-shirt and a denim vest to his VW van while I was setting up my tripod.  Folks, I cannot make this up.  It was perfect.  I knew at that moment that I was in the right place. 

You see, Boulder, Colorado is a very interesting place.  The next thing that I am about to say may offend those of you who are not from 'round these parts, but people who live here will probably give me 1) a look of horror that I just said that and 2) a nod of acceptance--in that order.

So, here is the recipe for Boulder (in a very generalized nutshell)--Boulder is 1/3 rich folks (very affluent city and ridiculously pricey to live here), 1/3 hippie folks and 1/3 college kids.  Now, I have to say, the hippies are way more my scene, if you will. 

And here's why.  Remember aforementioned hippie that came out of the door while I was setting up my tripod?  As any fashion blogger knows, once you are spotted, there is a 50/50 chance you will have to interact on some level with the person or people that are curious enough to wander over to you and start poking around yo biznass.

As I saw hippie man look over, I cringed a little.  Ugh.  I hate small talk with the general public.  But here's how the convo went: "You taking pictures of the building?" "Yeah, sort of." "What for?" "Well actually I have a style blog." "What's that?" "Well I take pictures of clothes and put them on a website."  Moderate pause.  "Well, there are some cooler paintings on the other side of the building if you're interested."  The end.  Simple and even welcoming.  

Hippie gear?  Check.  Hippie inspiration?  Check.  Hippie spotting and conversing?  Check.  Brightly colored wall and smooth sailing for OOTD pics?  Check.  So, in the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day.  

My good day was made even more so by Patrick's enthusiasm to go shopping for groomsmen wear.  We hit up Men's Warehouse just for a peek and ended up leaving with all of our groomsmen attire (and Pat's suit!).  Pat loved what I had envisioned and our experience was absolutely stellar.  Our salesman Danny was so helpful and attentive.  Below is what Pat will wear, the rest of the male bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear the same thing, but with braces (aka fancy suspenders) instead of the vest:   

Yes, this is the man I am marrying.  I love how we can still be goofy for each other and make each other laugh.  You know the best part of this whole experience?  Men's Warehouse is having MAJOR sales right now.  I am talking buy one get one free.  I am talking half off of our entire groomsmen gear.  I know a lot of you ladies are getting hitched soon, like me.  So go.  Now.  This sale is killer.

Tomorrow's inspiration?  A lotta talent and a lot o' glam.  Stay tuned.

Rose Colored Cords-Louie, thrifted; Open Knit Sweater-Old Navy, thrifted; Blue Tank with White Polka Dots-Jockey, gifted; Cowboy Boots-vintage; Beaded Necklace-Brielle's ;-); Headbands-Claire's; Earrings-vintage from Grandma

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