February 22, 2012

Fingers Crossed


Today, something bad happened.  And it was all due to two very important and prominent factors.  One being my impatience, naivety and being rushed.  Two being out hellacious wind storm today.

Colorado put Chicago to shame today with our winds.  We had winds in the 80-90 mph range and this is not an exaggeration.  I saw a semi blow over on the highway outside of my window at work.  A 10 acre fire blazed through the Diagonal.  Power went out a lot of places and street lights were spotty. 

I knew it was going to be windy today, so I decided to try my hand at before work outfit pictures today so as to have as little wind interference as possible.  Now, it should be said that as a self photographer, I arm myself with plenty of "in case" gadgets and gismos.  For example, I have a custom made tupperware lid and rubberband little creation I use on my camera for when it is raining outside.  I also have one of those leg weights (the kind you use when you are working out) that I strap to my tripod for instances of major wind. 

Unfortunately, I had forgotten said leg weight in my car when I trekked over to this spot to take my photos.  Because I didn't want to be late for work, I was in a hurry.  The wind was pretty substantial, but it was also a bit sporadic at this point, so I chose (like a fool) to chance it. 

Bad call.  The wind knocked my little tripod over with velocity that I had not ever witnessed before.  While my camera has withstood a lot of this kind of tragedy in the past, it did not this time.  Luckily, the lens is fine.  But what happened was that my zoom in function was stuck on and I cannot zoom out. 

There is still hope, however.  I took it over to Mike's Camera on my lunch "break" at work.  I was so impressed!  I had never been in there before.  Everyone was super helpful and friendly.  They seemed genuine in wanting to help me out.   The fix it man even found another clone of my same camera that he could use for parts!  Someone had brought it in because it had actually had the lens broken.  This is why I'm an organ donor, because you just never know. 

At any rate, fix it guy said that he would let me know on Friday if he can fix it for me.  If he can't I don't know what I will do.  If he can, I will do the happiest happy dance any ole soul has ever seen. 

So do me a favor, will ya?  Send me and my little Cannon good vibes.  We can use all the help we can get.  And, do yourselves a favor.  If this ever happens to you, take the extra 10 minutes and hoof it back to your car and get the damn leg weight.  It is worth it. 

Rust Colored Dress-vintage; White Cardigan with Flower Detail-Fresco, thrifted; Aqua and Purple Swimsuit Cover Up Worn as a Scarf-gifted; Orange and Gold Heels-Nine West, gifted; Animal Print Cuff-Kohl's; Blue Crystal Earrings-gifted and DIY

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  1. Let's hope the fix it fellow can give positive news upon his arrival. Adore the vintage dress.


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