February 20, 2012

Hey Mama

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Wanna hear something cool?  Today is my mom and dad's birthday.  You heard that right.  My mom and my dad's birthday.  Crazy, huh?  Wishing them both a very happy birthday. 

My mom is probably the coolest chic on the planet.  She has been my rock and my best friend all my life.  I seriously cannot remember a time in my life that she has not been there for me. 

My kids call her Nana, pronounced Nah-nah, not Na-Na (if that makes sense).  My oldest son could not pronounce Grandma and the name just kind of stuck.  My mom has been such a profound figure in my kids' lives.  She truly does carry on the kind of traditions that my Grandma did for us. 

Some things that my mom is famous for with my kids include: chocolate chip pancakes, brownies, random little gifts from dollar stores and thrift shops, football watching, occasionally breaking/bending rules (Mom--remember that time at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?  Yeah . . .), pretending everything she picks up is a phone and books.  Lots and lots of book reading.  In voices.

My mom is the sweetest, most selfless person ever.  She will exhaust herself to no ends if it means making life easier for someone else.  Even though all three of her kids are grown, we still can count on her at the drop of a hat. 

And the great thing is--my mom has always been like this.  I remember her being absolutely wiped out from working all day and still playing "pregnant" with me and my sister (if that wasn't a tell tale sign of the future, I don't know what was).  I remember planning a road trip to the Four Corners, but our piece of shit car broke down half way there and we had to stay in Glenwood Springs and (minus the crappy Mexican restaurant) had the best time ever.  I remember her running around like a mad woman when my water broke with Kaden at eighteen.  I remember calling her when I found out my second ex was having an affair.  I couldn't breath.  She left work immediately and came over to my house.  I remember her driving me in a blizzard from Loveland to Longmont so that I could keep a promise to my best friend to stay the night at her house. 

And, my dad's fun too.  He makes me laugh.  I've ended up at his house in tough times before.  He used to wear really short terry cloth shorts.  He used to take us out on his little tiny boat on the lake.  It wasn't a big boat, but it was really fun.  Also, he can rock out to Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and the Eagles like nobody's business.

Mustard Sweater-thrifted, no tags; Wide Leg Sailor Pants-vintage; Boots-Sketchers; Gold Watch-gifted; Gold Earrings-vintage from Grandma; Aquarius Necklace-Target


  1. this is a sweet bit about your mom. my mom and dad's birthdays are one day apart, lol!

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