February 17, 2012


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This outfit started out completely different this morning, but resulted in something that was really cool.  My daughter got me some boots for my birthday that were too small, so I had to exchange them.  They didn't have any more of the boots she got me, but they did have these.  And I am in love with them.  They totally remind me of my favorite 90's cartoon, Daria.  Twas a sad, sad day when that cartoon ended.

The dress is one that I got on my bridesmaid dress saving splurge from a few weeks ago and have not gotten to wear it yet.  I have been in love with the color coral for a long time, but didn't really own anything in the color yet.  Glad I got that crossed off my list.

Also, the bracelet I am wearing is part of what my mom got me for my birthday.  It came with a matching necklace, but with the cuteness of this peter pan collar, I didn't want a necklace to compete with that.

My mom also gave me these nylons.  She bought them for herself, but hated them so she gave them to me.  Just goes to show, another woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

These photos were taken with the quickness.  Granted, I almost always have to take my photos with the quickness because they are taken from one place to the next, but this time it was even more so.

About 10:15, I was standing at the copy machine scanning some documents, when I got a call from a client.  He was coming in at noon for me to notarize a document.  Then another call from another client.  He was coming in at one to go over financial documents with me.  Then Bob poked his head out of his office.  He had a client coming in at 11 for me to notarize something for him. 

That meant I had from the time I was done helping Bob until noon to go grab some lunch and some outfit photos.  Luckily, my favorite close by dog park was vacant (not counting the woman playing frisbee with her dog while on a wireless headpiece on her cell) and therfore favorable for a few quick snaps. 

Happy to report, however, that after my one o'clock appointment, the rest of the day was fairly quiet (although quite productive!).  My nieces are supposed to be spending the night with me and my three kiddos tonight so it is nice to have a nice quiet buffer before all kiddom breaks loose. 

Coral Dress with Peter Pan Collar-Marshall's; White Cardigan-Merona, gifted; Striped Nylons-gifted; Black Socks-unknown; Black Military Boot-L.E.I., gifted; Black Sparkle Belt-Kohl's; Bracelet-ICE, gifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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