September 2, 2015

Mission #65, Day 3--Patterned

A fun way to spice up a shirtdress is to choose one in a fun pattern and/or colors.  This shirtdress in particular has survived the donate pile several times.  But I am sure glad that I rescued it for this fun bohemian style look.  It's good for that.

So it's kind of a long story but this year Kaden, my oldest, is going to a private Christian school.  I am not religious at all but it was our only option and I figured nothing bag could come from one year at the school.   
Well while I am not really active at all on the religious front, I am extremely passionate about "gay rights" (which is kind of turning into a dated term, but you get the idea).  For crying out loud, my two best friends are gay men!  My kids were raised around them and consider them uncles.

How do these two stories fit?  Well I will tell you.  On Wednesdays at Kaden's school they serve pizza.  Last week Kaden joked that they should try Taco Bell instead of pizza.  The teachers told him that once in a while they would get Chick-fil-A to which Kaden responded "I don't really like to support Chick-fil-A because of their stance on gay rights." 

They countered this with: "Well that's why we love them!"  Kaden very matter of factly replied with: "Not me.  I think that love is love and God loves all people."  It's moments like these that happen out of the blue that really affirm to me--yep, I'm doing something right. 

Floral Shirtdress-thrifted
Crocheted Duster-Forever 21
Fringed Bag-Marshall's

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