March 23, 2016

Wordy Wednesday--Colorado

Recently, Denver, Colorado was rated the #1 place to live.  This caused quite the stir here because people in Colorado have legit Colorado pride.  But due to our beautiful mountains, excellent skiing venues, 300 days of sunshine and less we forget the legalization of marijuana, our population has about tripled in just the last decade or so.  I have never minded it.  To me, it's like the more the merrier (I hope you read that in Cher Horowitz's voice), but some people get all uppity about how they don't want any more people here in small town Colorado.  Nonetheless, people will continue to move here.  So here are some great quotes about Colorado.   And the mountains in general.  Because there are not enough quotes directly about Colorado.




Earrings-gifted from Patrick from Shane Co.

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