March 11, 2016

Dear Frannie Friday--My Blog is Really Small. And That's OK.

I started this blog almost five years ago.  About two months prior to starting this blog I had no idea what a blog was.  I know, I'm old and completely out of touch with technology.  Then, when I first discovered fashion blogs (this one being the first that I actually discovered and then Jessica's being the one that officially hooked me), I thought there was no way that I could do that.  I am not glamorous, my clothes are not special, I hate being in front of the camera and in fact I did not even own a great camera.  And less we forget--I am very far from being model-worthy.

But I could not stop looking through blogs.  And I found blogs of all types of women--big women and small women, older women and younger women, women with head to toe designer labels and women with head to toe thrifted outfits.  I was totally hooked.  And I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.  But, again, I knew my reality.  I had a point and shoot camera.  I had the figure of a 12 year old boy with the finances to match.  I was not able to invest much time into my blog because I was a working mom.  I was from Colorado--not exactly the fashion capital.  And I didn't know crap about html.

 But I couldn't stop thinking about it.  And I decided I was going to do it.  I started Frannie Pantz with a point and shoot camera and took my photos out on my old back patio.  I took pictures of my thrifted, clearance rack outfits.  And I wrote long posts about how my day was going and what was new in my life.  I posted 7 days a week.

A lot has changed in 5 years.  I got a DSLR which I absolutely love (not only for the blog) and I have learned how to use it pretty well.  I even leave it on the manual setting--something I never thought I would be able to do.  I have ventured beyond my (now old) backyard and out in the open.  I have learned to deal with the gawkers and the crazies out in public.  As an introvert I have to say I never thought I would be comfortable setting out a tripod in public and snapping photos of myself.  I have worked with many companies and even started working for Denver Style Magazine on some monthly articles about thrifting and I have worked with Goodwill on their first Instagram takeover.  My style has evolved from being unsure about standing out to a comfortable mix of being ok with normalcy and maintaining my individuality.  And to be honest, my blog is something that I am actually and truly proud of.  

But there are a lot of times that I don't feel good about my blog.  And those times always come when I start comparing myself to other bloggers.  I think my photos are pretty good--not the greatest, but not bad for taking my own photos.  But they are nothing compared to the professional photographers who get cool angles and can use Photoshop (I have NO idea how to use that).  I am so excited to work with other companies, but that is pretty few and far between.  And while I am totally fortunate to work with any companies, I can tell you right now I have never been approached by Nordstrom's or Target or any designer brands.  I have never been invited to any launch parties or private blogger previews.  And the hard part about that is--there have been Colorado opportunities where I see other Colorado bloggers all together sampling lipstick or checking out a new wing of Cherry Creek Mall.  And how do you even get approached by Lexus to preview their car for a week?  And how the hell do you really make more than I do every month blogging?  I work with lawyers at one of the top family law firms in Colorado.  And I blog.  And my entire outfit usually costs less than a meal at the restaurants that I pose in front of.  I've never been chosen by other bloggers for an outfit inspiration on their boards or whatever, my outfits almost never get re-Pinned, and my Instagram posts are always under 100 likes.

There have been times that these things make me just want to give this all up.  I mean, what is the point?  Why do I freeze to take photos in the snow?  Why do I waste my time uploading photos and writing posts?  What is this all for?  

And then I remember.  It's for me.  It has always been for me.  Frannie Pantz was created as a creative outlet for myself to share my outfits to hopefully inspire others.  And while I have not been discovered by big blogs or designers or companies, I haven't been without in my blogging.  Like I said, I have worked with a lot of really great companies--local and global.  And I have gotten to do a lot of really cool shit with and because of this blog.  And my whole point in doing this blog was because I worked in the very strict world of law and wanted a place to branch out.  And I take care of and do things for a minimum of 5 other people (aka my kids and husband) most of my day and I wanted a place to call my own.  And I have that here.  

I started this blog five years ago.  And I knew I would never be a big blogger.  I never expected to be.  And the fact that I sometimes get down because of what other people are doing is pretty silly when you think about it.  I haven't put the time in or effort that they have likely put in.  And while I am not being delivered to Fashion Week in a limo, I have come miles from where I started.  And I am ok with that.  I really am.  Even if I need to remind myself that I am ok with that.  Because really--it's just a blog.  But it's my little labor of love.

Mustard Skinny Jeans-Amazon
Black and White Striped Sweater-thrifted
Puffer Vest-thrifted
Cognac OTK Boots-Charlotte Russe
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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