March 16, 2016

Mission #78, Day 3--Rust

I actually love to style rust tights, but I think that might be because I am fairly partial to the color as it is.  This was a fun, vintagey kind of spin on the colored tights with the lacy white dress and patterned vintage scarf in my hair.

Well I have run into a real dilemma lately and that is that since I started working at my new job I've gained 8 pounds.  This doesn't sound like a lot, but I was still about 5 pounds over what I was before I had Reilly.  And I know 13 pounds doesn't really sound like a lot, but 13 pounds means that I am cutting off the circulation in my lower half with nearly every skirt or pair of pants that I button.  And that is a problem.  After Patrick and I successfully completed the Whole 30 in August last year, I knew I wanted to do it again.  We went for it the first of the year, but only made it about 8 days before I had a meltdown.  This wasn't necessarily a cravings situation as much as it was a convenience (do not think you can do a Whole 30 without significant prep work and emergency fixes) and expense (eating whole, healthy foods is ridiculously more expensive than eating garbage).  But we are at it again.  I actually love the Whole 30 and I love the way that I feel on it so I am hoping that this time I will be able to complete another 30 days.  We're on day 3 now.  Wish us luck!

White Lace Dress-thrifted
Taupe Button Down-thrifted
Rust Tights-Target
Suede Wedges-Target
Cognac Purse-Target
Leopard Belt-Target
Polka Dot Scarf-vintage

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