March 15, 2016

Mission #78, Day 2--Grey

A more neutral way to pull off colored tights is to do so in a neutral color (#duh).  Grey tights are a great way to get creative in the hose department at work because they are not so inyoface as the brightly colored tights.  Here I just piled on other dark tones and brightened it up with this fun scarf c/o my best friend Matty.

Patrick and I are creatures of habit, which I'm perfectly fine with.  I am a Type A through and through so the more "on schedule" I can make my life--the better.  Every night on my drive home from work, I can guarantee that Patrick will call me.  I enjoy this time because in all honesty sometimes it is the only time that he and I get to talk sans children all day.  I can also guarantee that Patrick will discuss two things with me on this call--1. he will talk about his work.  Now don't get me wrong, I think it is totally fine.  It's normal for spouses to talk about their days and their work and co-workers who drive them crazy.  I get it.  But Patrick works in a corporation with about 6,874 people.  In his work day alone, he works with at least a dozen or more people and a lot of them have similar names like Jim, Jeff and Joe or Mike, Matt and Mark.  And I cannot for the life of me keep them straight.  So I just quit trying and kind of go with as much of the story that I can.  And he will talk to me about his actual work.  Patrick is a senior systems admin.  Aside from the fact that he works with computers, that's all I know.  But apparently Patrick thinks that I understand exactly what he does and so he will tell me about spreadsheets and code and back-ups and things that I have no idea about.  And I just have to chime in with the usual--oh, wow, cool, bummer, etc.  I have told him that I don't get it, but he is unstoppable with this conversation, so I just try to be supportive.

The second thing Patrick will discuss with me is how bad the traffic is.  For him.  Everyday.  Coming from Fort Collins to Loveland/Longmont.  His commute is about 35 minutes in traffic.  Meanwhile, I am driving from and through downtown Denver to home.  On a good night it only takes me an hour to get home with traffic.  Not ever feelin' it with that conversation.

It's always good to be able to count on things in my life as constants.  Phone calls with Patrick and grey tights are a great start.

Booties-Forever 21
Grey Tights-Target
Skirt-Calvin Klein, thrifted
Purple Sweater-thrifted
Plaid Peacoat-gifted
Scarf-Nordstrom, gifted

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