March 28, 2016

Mission #79, Day 1--Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons, the creative director and president of the beloved J. Crew, is a tried and true style icon.  She stands out, she does her own thing, and she's got something signature (her eyeglasses) in her look.  Not to mention, she owns all her flaws.  She has incontinentia pigmenti which is a condition that made her hair and teeth fall out.  She wears dentures.  But she owns that shit.  And I totally support and admire her ability to be so open and forthright about it.  Go Jenna!


Leopard Coat-thrifted
Rust Shirt-Kohls
White Eyelet Skirt-thrifted
Grey Tights-Kohls
Grey Mary Jane Heels-KMart

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