March 18, 2016

Mission #78, Day 5--Wine

Wine or purple tights are kind of hard to pull off but if you keep the rest of your look neutral with black and white, they are a fun little added pop of color (I throw up in my mouth a bit every time I use that phrase in all honesty). 

So funny story about taking these photos.  Yes, it's another gawker story. 

So here I am, just minding my business taking my photos when I man walks up.  He first starts talking to me in French.  At first I was a little confused--forgetting that I was wearing the beret. "What?" I asked.  He then repeats himself slower.  And I just look at him for a minute.  He then asks where I am from and I tell him that I am from here.  He then tells me "Well I hope you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear," he tells me.  Now I should also tell you at this point that I have the worst hearing ever and I honestly did not hear what he said.  So I asked him "what?" again.  He then repeats himself again very slowly, almost like he thought I was a little . . .  slow.  He then asks me if I understand, which is the most annoying, condescending thing ever.  It really annoys the shit out of me when people tell me that.  And he proceeds to tell me what that phrase means.  And then he walks away.  And I continue to be genuinely confused because I don't know if he is trying to tell me that the building behind me (which he earlier in our conversation called beautiful, but it is also half covered in plastic sheet for protection from construction) is making my pictures more beautiful because I am hideous or if he is trying to give me a really weird compliment about my making the building look better.  Either way, I didn't appreciate his tone.  And I am not going to feel like an idiot because he assumed that someone from another country, France in particular, would visit Colorado in a freaking beret. 

Wine Colored Tights-Target
Little White Dress-thrifted
Long Leather Coat-thrifted
Black Heels-thrifted

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