March 1, 2016

Mission #77, Day 2

And speaking of not boring . . . you can absolutely make power suit with a casual vibe by trading stuffy trousers for relaxed joggers, a serious button down for a graphic tee, and heels for tennis shoes.  It is not totally professional (in fact, probably don't wear this t-shirt to the office . . .) but it is a chic way to wear a suit if you don't have to go somewhere with a strict dress code.

Clearly, these photos are older.  Look at my hair!  When I cut it, I cut off over 6 inches and to be honest, no one noticed!  But looking at these photos, I realize how much I actually cut off!  Whoa.

Navy Joggers-Nordstrom
In This Moment Tee-from concert
Navy Nautical Blazer-thrifted
Black Tennies-Target
Bag-Coach, vintage
Earrings-DIY and gifted

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