October 22, 2015

Thursday Mixer--Pear Print Eshakti Dress

This dress was one of the first c/o items I received for my blog.  I remember picking it out immediately like "Yes!  This is the one!"  Yellow is my favorite color and I could not get over the cute little pear print.  Not to mention the chic, vintage-y fit.

As I said, I got this dress for free, so I can't adequately do a price per wear calculation based on what I paid, but the dress retailed for about $60 and I've worn it on the blog 5 times, making the would be price per wear about $12.  

Now, 2, 3, 4, 5

One thing that annoys the eff out of me is when I have creepers when I'm taking my blog photos.  I specifically go out of my way to try to ensure that no one is around or no one will or should approach me while I am doing so.  I feel silly enough out there with a big camera and tripod--there's no need to make a scene.  But it happens.  Like a lot.

And so it happened on this particular day.  I was coming home from work--exhausted and trying to race the sunset.  I found this lone little gazebo off from a shopping mall where no one was around to set up and start taking photos.  Mind you, I have become so "profesh" about taking my blog photos that I can have them done in about 15 minutes or less, so there usually isn't much time for gawkers to actually start talking.

But an older guy on a bike rode by.  No biggie.  But then he rode by again . . . and slowed down.  Dammit.  And he came over to me with the usual--"Do you need any help there?"  I told him that I got it.  This is usually when the perp leaves, defeated.  But this guy kept on.  He started telling me how great he was with photography and how he loves cameras.  And because he was like 50 I started to humor him a bit.  Until he told me that his camera didn't have "that big thing on the end" like mine did.  He meant the lens.  And I realized that he had no idea what he was talking about and he really was just a creeper.  And that resulted in the below side-eye.


Pear Print Dress-eShakti, c/o
Mint Tweed Blazer-thrifted
Coral Heeled Sandals-Payless
Yellow Bag-Claire's
Earrings-from Patrick from Shane Co.

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