October 28, 2015

Mission #69, Day 3

Another way to do a head to toe black look correctly?  Layers.  Add a bunch of fun black pieces of different textures--here a leather coat, a soft sweater, a pleated mini skirt.  Nothing boring about that!

Similar to yesterday, something else that I miss is picking my kids up from school.  A couple of weeks ago, I got to pick them up from school when I left work early to take Reilly to a doctor appointment.  I was so excited.  I got to the school early, parked a bit away and walked up to the school to greet them!  They got out of school, saw me and (instead of running to me to hug me like I envisioned in my mind), promptly asked "Where's Gramma?"

Patrick's mom has been helping to pick the kids up from school and take them to their various activities for us.  So I was a little bummed that my kids weren't more excited to see me, but when I got home I found out why.  I let my kids have an afternoon snack, as I'm sure many of you moms do.  On this day, they went to the pantry and pulled out . . . cookies for snack.  That's a no go and they know that.

Well apparently now that Gramma picks them up--they get cookies for snack.  Or ice cream.  Or milkshakes.  Or some other variation of sweet and sugary snack.  And this is part of the reason (although obviously not the only reason) that my kids are really stoked that Gramma picks them up from school.

Sigh.  Grandparents.  It's their job to spoil the kids.  I love it because it makes me miss my grandmothers so very much.  I get it.   Snack on kids, snack on.

Black Pleated Mini Skirt-Ross
Black Sweater-Kohls
Black Leather Coat-thrifted
Black Booties-Old Navy
Black Tights-Kohls
Tote-Del Conte, thrifted and gifted
Earrings-DIY and gifted

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