October 29, 2015

Mission #69, Day 4

Here's a more casual look for head to toe black Mission Week--black skinny jeans, a black top and, to add interest, a hot pink cardigan.  If I were a fashiony girl, I would call the cardigan a "pop of color" but that phrase makes me want to gag.  So I will let someone else call it that.

I wore this to my last day of work at my old job (yeah, these photos are that old).  As it turned out, Danielle and I both showed up in black shirts, black jeans and a neon colored cardigan for me and blazer for her.  I loved when we would accidentally show up in coordinating outfits and it really happened more than you would think.  And whenever it did happen, we would have a little mini photo shoot out in front of the office.  Jump to the bottom for those fun photos.  Miss her terribly.

The below shot is the "YAYIHAVEANEWJOB!!!" pose.

 Black Skinny Jeans-really old, probably Target or Kohls
Hot Pink Cardigan-thrifted
Tweed Flats-Target
Bag-Bebe, gifted
Earrings-DIY and gifted
Sister Necklace-gifted 

Below: our too cool for school pose.

Below: our nonchalant hanging out at the picnic table pose.

Below: the peekaboo pose.

Below: the "let me ponder that" pose

And if you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen the below Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion pose.

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