October 30, 2015

Mission #69, Day 5

 Here's an edgier way to wear head to toe black which, for me, is kind of the M.O. of dressing in all black.  The first thing that I always think of when I think of all black looks is the goth kids in high school that I used to hang out with--everything was black from their nail polish (boys and girls) to the lipstick to their clothes.  And I was fine with it.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Halloween already.  After Halloween I get all antsy about the holidays.  Yes, I am one of those annoying Christmas loves that starts counting down to Christmas as soon as Halloween is over.  Thanksgiving--yeah great, but for me Christmas is where it's at.  I do, however, abstain from decorating until after Thanksgiving.  #selfcontrol

This year and last year we do not have Conner and Brielle for trick or treating.  At first, last year, I was sad.  I'd had the kids for trick or treating for five years in a row prior.  But it turned out that sitting around handing out candy is just as great--relaxing.

The problem with last year, however, was that Reilly was really little.  And Patrick had disconnected the doorbell so it wouldn't wake him if he was sleeping.  About 8:00 we wondered why we hadn't had any trick or treaters--we do live in a very kid friendly neighborhood.  Wonder how many kids came by and thought we were jerks just ignoring their doorbell ringing.  Whooopsie.

Black Pencil Skirt-Old Navy (maternity)
Black Tank Top-Old Navy (maternity)
Cropped Moto Jacket-Miley Cyrus
Bag-Prada, thrifted and gifted
Necklace and Earrings-Charming Charlies's

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