October 16, 2015

Mission #68, Day 5--Belle

"With her nose stuck in a book."  Belle and I could not be more different.  I always wish I was a girl who loved to read (or a girl who had time to read), but I just never got into it.  Which is kind of strange because growing up very poor, all we had were books and I used to be really into it.  Maybe that's why I kind of grew away from it . . . 

I will say that the book I used as a prop in these photos, however, I actually did read.  And I loved it!  And it almost ignited a motivation to read ore.  Almost.  As for my Belle inspired look, I wore a navy swing dress and a long sleeved sheer blouse and some simple flats.  I wore my glasses for effect, even though Belle apparently has perfect vision.  Speaking of--where are the princesses with glasses?  They should work on that . . .

Navy Swing Dress-thrifted
Sheer Button Down Blouse-thrifted
Gold Cap Toe Flats-Nine West, thrifted
Hoop Earrings-really, really old

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