May 6, 2013

Mission Monday #8--Nauti-Cool

Can't believe it but next week is the 8th Mission Week on Frannie Pantz and next week we are going to set our sails on a Nautical Theme!  I'm really excited because it is one of my favorite themes and perfect for spring/summer.

There are a lot of ways to have a nautical look without looking like you're in costume.  Sailor pants, gingham print, anchor prints, wide stripes, boat shoes . . . all things that can be paired in such a way that you look like you're on your way to the pier and not to a Halloween party.

So I hope we get some fun entries next week!  As always, you can wear your nautically themed looks anytime between Monday, May 13 and Friday, May 18.  The link up will be on Friday, May 18.  You can participate one day or all week!  Just submit your favorite look.

Hopefully this is the last post you see with me in boots until the fall/winter.  These photos were taken on May day, when it snowed here.  I took cover for these photos at the 29th Street Mall (I'm such a rebel) and even though it was a miserably cold and wintery day, there was light at the end of the tunnel . . .

Guess which mall within a five minute drive from my office is opening up their own H&M?


Green Skinny Jeans-Wal-Mart; Green Gingham Button Down Blouse-thrifted; Pale Yellow Blazer-thrifted; Cognac Knee High Boots-thrifted and gifted; Earrings-gifted

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