May 29, 2013

Mission #9, Day 3

This wasn't my favorite color blocking look for Mission Week, but Daryl (my boss) really, for some reason, loved this outfit.  So . . . it goes.

Another fun way to color block is to use two complimentary colors and just put them together.  I called this my "watermelon look".

Yesterday I spoke about why I liked taking my blog pictures.  On that same note, I've noticed something else that brings me happiness.

Driving.  Turning my phone off, blaring my music, drinking my coffee-slash-Dr. Pepper and just singing/dancing/thinking.

This is only amplified by the fact that a few weeks ago Patrick got me an iPhone.  And I hadn't set it up yet (still holdin' onto the Blackberry), but Patrick forced me to yesterday.

And I am sooooooo glad that he did.  I loooooove that thing.  And I haven't even messed with it that much.   But I was able to listen to Pandora on the way to work.

There really isn't much better than laughing your way to work to the likes of Louis C.K. and Bill Burr.  Seriously.  Try it.

Coral Wide Leg Trousers-BCBG, thrifted; Lime Green Blouse-gifted; Coral Sandals-Payless; Sunnies-Target; Watch-gifted; Monogram Necklace-Target; Earrings-gifted

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