May 12, 2013


Mother's Day.  In a word?  Amazing.  I decided for Mother's Day I wanted to go up to Wyoming and visit my Grandpa.

Which was somewhat of a strange request seeing as how I've been running my ass off lately with shenanigans of all kinds.  (Proof after the OOTD pics)

But today, was all about fun.  Relaxing.  Connecting.  Traditions.  I loved it.  My Grandpa made the kids pancakes.  We had sundaes.  We had a lovely dinner--which Brielle helped me cook.  We had a picnic in the park and played around.  Awesome. 

And I think that is the best kind of Mother's Day.  No chores, no schedules, family, laughter, swinging, munching and cooking together. 

I hope every mother enjoyed their day.  I hope everyone with a mother was able to connect with her and tell you you love her.  That's what it's all about.

Thanks to my perfect husband for the blog photos today!

Bicycle Print Dress-Macy's; Straw Floppy Hat-Target; Polka Dot Loafers-Target 

Here's what I've been up to the past two weekends:

Sunday May 4--Spina Bifida Walk in Washington Park in Denver, Colorado 

Sunday May 4--Mother's Day picnic in the park with the family, feeding geese and finding out I'm going to be an Auntie again!

Sunday May 4--Wedding reception for Janelle and John 

Thursday May  9--Special Olympics for my niece.  This was her entire first grade class.

Thursday May 9--Special Olympics.  My niece kicked ass! 

Saturday May 11-MS Walk for my Mother in Law.  This was Kaden's sign for the walk. 

Saturday May 11--MS Walk.  Isn't it cool how many people show up to support my awesome MIL??? 

Saturday May 11--My niece Brynn's hip hop dance recital (she is the tall red head in the middle of the photo).  It was so freaking cute. 

Sunday May 12--Mother's Day picnic in the park near Wyoming at Grandpa's house. 

Sunday May 12--Patrick and my kids got me an herb garden for Mother's Day!  Which we planted at my Grandpa's house.  So much fun!

And a very special Mother's Day to the most important mothers in my life . . . 

My mom.  She has never turned her back on me.  She is strong, funny and an excellent cook.  The best mom and Nana any kid could ask for.  Thanks mom for all you do! 

My mother in law Pam.  She is amazing--also strong, also funny and a great mother and Memaw.  I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

My sister.  My nieces (and future niece or nephew!) are so lucky to have someone so caring, compassionate and patient in their life. 

My sister in law.  She puts her kids first.  Always.  She works hard, she's organized and structured.  She is amazing. 

And I wouldn't have the pleasure of being a mother without my three kiddos.  I love you so much Jon Kaden, Conner and Brielle!  Thanks for the best 12 1/2 years of my life!

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