May 16, 2013

Mission #8, Day 4

Water background + red and white striped skirt + simple flats + cute hat = nautical look #4 for this Mission Week with nautical looks.

Today is still the suck.  Waiting sucks.  Weird noises from my car sucks.  My flash on my camera randomly breaking sucks.  My iPad freezing and being nonfunctional sucks.  The Apple store not being able to fix said iPad sucks.

And so, unless you want me to endlessly bitch (seriously in the worst mood), I think I will end this short yet again.  It's possible that I will go wordless for a while until and unless I figure some things out.

Red and White Striped Skirt-eShakti; Navy and White Polka Dot Button Down-Style and Co., thrifted; White Cardigan-Merona, gifted; Red Cloche Hat-Target; Tweed Flats-Target 

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