May 17, 2013

Mission #8, Day 5

This is the last nautical look for Mission Week.  This dress was actually my mom's and she gave it to me a year or so ago.

These photos were taken last week--when everything in my life was "normal".  I don't want to be dramatic or cause a scene like those annoying Facebook people looking for sympathy and attention but today will go down as one of the worst days in my life.

I don't want to say more than that right now.  I am very lucky to have the support and love of my family and Patrick and the health of my children.

I will continue to post, I think, at least for now.  As ridiculous as it may sound, blogging is kind of my outlet.  Although I have thought numerous times over the past few days about giving it up for good or at least for a while, I don't think that would make me happier.

But bear with me.  I think I'll post pictures, but I don't think there will be words with them.  At least not until I can wrap my head around a few things.  I will still be looking at everyone's blogs, but forgive me if I don't comment.

I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding at this time.  It's a long, hard road ahead, but I know that eventually, I'll be ok.  I just need some time.  And if anyone wants to be the first to link up to Mission Week, the link is below.

Sailor Bodycon Dress-vintage, gifted; Saddle Oxfords-Payless; White Tights-Target; Starfish Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals; Pink Bag-"Prada"; Beanie-vintage; Pearl Necklace-Kohl's

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