May 10, 2013

Dear Frannie Fridays--Favorite Summertime Tunes

Ok, it's not summer time yet, but it is right around the corner and our weather has been surprisingly hawt and I looooove it.  After the six month long winter we had, I am definitely ready for bbqs, swimming and warm sun that doesn't set until long after 8.  So here are some of my favorite summertime tunes to get you all in the mood . . .

When I think of summertime songs, the first to always come to mind is the classic Doin' Time by Sublime.  It is the nameplate of summertime, if you ask me:

Aaaaaaaaw shit.  Remember Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff?  Of course you do.  Who could forget this essential summer time tune?  Or those fashions . . . No 90's kid like me, that's for sure.

And, yes, occasionally I will dabble in country music.  This is a great song about what country is all about by Kenny Chesney . . .

And takin' it way, waaaaaaaaay old school is Eddie Cochran with the Summertime Blues.  Hits almost too close to home when you're sitting at your office staring at summer time out the window . . .

And by far the sexiest summertime jam, to me anyway, is Summertime by Janis Joplin.  I just want to listen to this on a blanket soaking up the sun contemplating life.

What are some of your favorite summertime tunes?

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