May 21, 2013

Share the Covers--Simple Man

The phenomenal original by Lynyrd Skynyrd . . .

And the rockin' cover by the Deftones . . .

As you may have been made aware, from my perspective May has sucked.  But, it is almost over.  And that means it's time to reflect and take in all the blessings.

And that's why this song is perfect for today's Share the Covers series.  It's so important to give thanks and notice for the simple things in life.

So today I'm gonna look back on all the great things I've been blessed with this last few days.  Of which includes this article written about my niece in the Special Olympics!

So take a look back with me on the past few days and indulge with me the simple things that have made my days just a bit brighter . . .

White Cotton Dress-thrifted; Gold Sequined Smoking Slippers-Target; Teal Beaded Necklace-DIY and gifted; Yellow Houndstooth Cardigan-Forever 21, thrifted; Earrings-gifted

My niece, Anya, getting her face painted at the Farmer's Market.  She chose a black widow.  With glitter, of course.  It's so Anya.  She's perfect.

My nieces Anya and Emma and my kids Conner and Brielle enjoying a waffle cake at the Farmer's Market.

Having some pool time.

Tire swingin'

Kicking back at the birthday party BBQ

Anya getting her first horse ride on Chica.  She is obsessed.  It is adorable.  Look at that smile!

My oldest son, Kaden, rockin' some serious style for the film festival at his school featuring a film he was in for school.  Word on the street is some girl asked him out in this outfit in front of his girlfriend!   Oh snap!  ;-)

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