May 3, 2013

Mission #7, Day 5

It's the last day of my 7th Mission Week and this week I've been playing with florals.  For said Mission Week I, of course, had to pull out my floral jeans.

I know it's cliche, but I can't believe that summer is almost here.  After getting snow nearly weekly for the last six weeks, I'm not complaining but everyday I am reminded just how much closer we actually are.

The kids only have 14 more school days left of this school year.  I always get really bittersweet feelings around this time.  First I get kinda sad because during the summer, I only have my two younger kids on the weekends, so we get less time together and I miss them terribly. 

But then I get really happy because the time that I do get with them is the fun time!  We don't have to worry so much about bedtimes, we don't have homework, Kaden starts baseball (next week actually!) and we get to go see his games.

There are no more lunches to pack, laundry is a lot lighter and because we spend so much time outdoors in the summer, the house stays much cleaner for much longer.  Not to mention we have a really great road trip planned for this summer with Patrick, me, our kids, my sister in law and her kids.

I can't think of a summer that I have anticipated more though.  I mean seriously, how is it right that I am still able to wear boots, jeans and a leather jacket in May and not be sweating my ass off?  Sumpin ain't right.

Floral Print Jeans-Target; Burgundy Peplum Blouse-c/o eShakti; Shearling Lined Lace Up Booties-Mossimo; Leather Jacket-Wal-Mart; Earrings-gifted; Ring-Encore

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